We are a licensed group childcare provider and offer two types of programs: Infant-Toddler (0-36 months) and Early Learners (30 months – 5 years old).  Infant-Toddler program is for ages between 0-3 years old; all staff are licensed early childhood educators, including a manager on each floor who specializes in Infant-Toddler (IT) care – our child to staff ratio is 4:1. The Early Learners program is for ages between 30 months to 5 years old (children in the infant/toddler program transition into this program) and the ratio in this age group ranges from 5:1 – 8: 1 (child to staff ratio) depending on location.

Our waiting list can be long, however, we are in the process of expanding and creating more child care spaces so there is a very good chance that you will be able to enroll  (please remember to add your name to our online waiting list by visiting the ‘join us‘ section on our main page). We do not charge any fees associated with adding your name to the waiting list.

You will first need to add your name to our waiting list by visiting the ‘join us‘ section on our main page. Once we have space available, we will contact parents from our waiting list to come for tours. Spots are allocated based on a first come, first register basis. We require a completed registration package before attending on the first day (you can read over terms and conditions by going to the register section). There is a registration charge of $395.00 for enrollment and we require a refundable deposit (70% of full-time monthly fee).

We require a refundable deposit (70% of the full-time rate) at the time of registration to hold the child’s space between the time of registration and the date when care commences. This deposit fee will be fully refunded during the last week of attendance at the daycare. You will receive the deposit via a service called Plooto (similar to an e-transfer), please allow 3-5 business days to process into your account. In the scenario where the contract is terminated before care starts – the deposit fee is non-refundable. Furthermore, failure to provide 60 day advance notice before termination of care will render the deposit non-refundable. Lastly, we require a minimum enrollment of six months – withdrawal before six months will also render the deposit non-refundable…please read through the complete details for terms & condition below.

We collect payment through pre-authorized debit through partnership with Rotessa (third party payment solutions).

We provide snacks two times a day: mid-day (an hour before lunch time) and once in the later afternoon (this schedule may vary depending on the program). We usually incorporate a healthy variety of options for our snacks options (fruits, veggies, cheese, etc). Our snacks are meant to supplement the lunches which are provided by parents. 

All our programs have a nut-free (peanuts, walnuts, etc) policy due to potential allergy concerns; we ask parents to ensure that any snacks or lunch meals do not contain traces of nuts of any type (peanuts, walnuts, etc). If your child has a diagnosed allergy (not suspected but rather confirmed), please remember to list that when completing the registration form.

We have a 3 day integration schedule [i.e. first 3 days of attendance] before commencing full-time: 1st day = 1.5 hours, 2nd day = 3 hours, 3rd day = 5 hours….however, if you prefer to stagger the integration at a more gradual pace – parents have the option to do so; staff will work with you directly to ease the transition process. Full payment is required regardless of the numbers of hours/days attended.

Please refer to the ‘closure‘ section below for daycare closure dates (we are closed on all stat,  winter and summer holidays as well as three professional development days in a calendar year – full payment is still required). Parents must pay the full amount if they go on vacation to keep their spot reserved.

We accept child care subsidy applications (also known as the Affordable Child Care Benefit program [ACCB] ). Parents will need to go and verify on the BC ministry website if they qualify for ACCB. If you do qualify, please contact your floor manager who will be able to provide you the Affordable Child Care Benefit (ACCB) form with the daycare portion completed which you can submit to the ministry order to receive childcare benefit.

Please note we provide the ACCB form only after you have successfully enrolled into our program. Once a benefit plan is in place, we will automatically adjust that amount from your monthly fees (i.e. subtract the amount approved from the monthly tuition fee). For further details regarding processing and application, please contact the BC ministry.

Yes, we are part of the CCFRI program and the fees listed on our website already reflect the fee reduction.

closure dates

Weather Related Closure

We will be following the decision of the Vancouver School Board (VSB) for weather related closures (snow, heat wave or other extreme weather conditions). Please check the VSB website in the morning in the event of extreme weather conditions before coming to child care (please note that payment is not pro-rated for weather related closures).

Closure (see below, list may not be inclusive of all stat holidays)

  • New Year’s Day
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • Victoria Day
  • Canada Day
  • Civic Holiday
  • Labour Day
  • National Day for Truth and Reconciliation
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Remembrance Day
  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day
  • BC Family Day

* Please note if the closure fall on a weekend, the closure is moved to the next business day.

No closure except stat holidays

Closure Dates (inclusive):

August 22, 2024 – August 30, 2024. 

Please note if a stat holiday fall on the weekend, the closure is moved to the next working day.

Re-Opens: September 3, 2024 (September 2nd is labour day).

Closure Dates (inclusive):

Dec 19, 2024 – Jan 1, 2025. Please note Dec 25, Dec 26 and Jan 1 are stat holiday.

If stat holidays fall on the weekend, the closure is moved to the next working day.

Re-Opens: January 2, (Please note if statutory holidays fall on a weekend, the statutory holiday is moved to the next business day).

We will have three days of (paid) closure in a calendar year for professional development.

This will occur on the first Wednesday of the month in October, March and December (effective 2024 and onwards).

If the pro-d day falls on a statutory holiday, it will be moved to the next working day.


Terms & Conditions

Dear Parents,

Please read this document thoroughly as it details policies, procedures and conditions for enrollment. There is a registration fee of $395.00 associated with the completion of enrollment as well as a refundable deposit of 70% the monthly full-time fee (see terms and conditions of the deposit below). Please remember to provide a printed copy of the registration form (no electronic submissions). Please notify the daycare immediately if there is a change to the agreed upon hours and days. Payment is due whether the child attends care on the agreed upon days or not. In the case of withdrawal from the program - a 60-day notice must be provided.

Deposit (Refundable)

A refundable deposit fee which is 70% of the monthly full-time rate is required to hold the child's space between the time of registration and the date when care commences. This deposit fee will be fully refunded during your last week of attendance in the program via email transfer service called Plooto (allow 3-5 business days to process into your account once you accept the transfer). The following conditions will render the deposit to be non-refundable:
• Contract is terminated before care starts.
• 6 month probation period of withdrawal (i.e. child leaves daycare before 6 months of care from the start date)
• Failure to provide 60 day advance notice before termination of care.
• Not meet termination conditions (see below)

Payment Plans

All our payment plans are on a fixed schedule system (i.e. same schedule each week throughout the course of the month) ranging from 1 day/week to 5 days/week depending on what is available. Payment is collected through Pre- Authorized Debit (PAD) (see ‘payment collection’ section below for more details).
If parents are seeking to drop-in on a day outside their regular schedule – we cannot guarantee spot availability but you can check with your corresponding centre staff (either a few days prior or calling in the morning on the day of attendance). If you are dropping-in, our charge is $95/day (credit only) and can be made by scanning the QR code posted (ask staff for details). Payments for drop-in must be made on the day of attendance.

Termination/Change of Service

We require a 60 day notice prior to modification or termination of service. Additionally, services can only be modified/cancelled at the end of the monthly billing cycle (for example, if 60 day notice is provided on May 1 (or prior), than full payment must be made for May and June [end of monthly cycle]. However, if notice is given after May 1, end of billing cycle month would end of July and thus payment for May, June and July is required). If you are looking to reduce the number of days, we need 60 day notice for reduction in days (this does not apply if you are looking adding additional days).

Long-term Absence/Vacation

In the case of short-term absence/vacations (less than 3 months) taken by parents’, it is required that full payment for those months be paid. However, if the vacation is for an extended period (3 months or longer) – half of the monthly charge is required to reserve/hold the child’s registration.

Tax Receipts

We issue childcare tax receipts for the previous calendar year (i.e. December 31) on February of the following year. At this time, we do not provide monthly invoices/receipts.

Potty Training

We will work with you at the centre if you have started potty training at home to help assist in the potty training process. We require that parents use training pants; they are specifically designed to not have a diaper feel (a more cloth like sensation), yet prevent leaks due to accidents. Alternatively, you may also use Pull-Ups.

Payment Collection

We collect payment through pre-authorized debit in partnership with Rotessa (third party payment solutions). This needs to be completed as part of the registration process (you will receive a link in an email during the enrollment process). There is a $45 charge fee associated with any NSF charges.
Drop-in rate is $95/day (credit only). Payment is made by scanning the QR code posted near the entrance door using your smartphone camera (ask staff for details). Please remember to show proof of payment (receipt/confirmation) to the staff on the floor to verify that the payment has gone through.


We have a 3 day integration schedule [i.e. first 3 days of attendance] before commencing care full-time:
1st day = 1.5 hours
2nd day = 3 hours
3rd day = 5 hours
However, please note that this is flexible and you can adjust it accordingly with staff at the centre. Our policy with regards to nap integration is that generally a child’s nap schedule at home will differ from the schedule posted at the centre when they start….hence, we take more of a gradual adaptive process by following the child’s nap time at home initially and over time adjusting them to our routine.

The following items will be supplied by the parents

1) Diaper and Wipes
2) Daily Lunch (microwave safe containers, etc.)
3) Muddy-Buddy (waterproof coverall for outdoor activities)
4) Extra pair of clothes
5) Blanket
6) Boots
7) Bedding (cover for sleeping)
8) Water bottle (microwave safe)
9) Milk bottle (microwave safe)
10) Bibs
11) 72 hours supply kit https://72hours.ca/collections/school-survival-kits/products/person-school-kit


The daycare will provide snacks two times a day and parents are responsible for providing lunches.


Our sickness policy was formulated based on guidelines as prescribed by Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) to ensure health and well-being of both staff and children. Please refer to the sickness policy (i.e. page 8) when you complete the registration form for more information.
[Important] If your child will not be able to attend (sickness or otherwise) - please send an email to the admin (info@littlemunchkindaycare.ca) as well as to your corresponding registered centre’s email (see page 3) before 8:45 am on that day.

Holiday Closures

In a calendar year, the daycare will be closed 14 business days as well as 3 professional development days and all statuary holidays. Please refer to the closure section for more details. Please note that this a paid closure and fees are not pro-rated for daycare closures.

Emergency Closures

We may have to close the facility due to extenuating circumstances such as earthquakes, floods, snowstorms, etc. where the safety of parents, children and staff could be at risk. In the event the closure is longer than 2 business days, parents will be refunded in full for all days beyond the initial 2 business days.

Parent Vacations

In the case of vacations taken by parents’, full payment is required to reserve child’s registration for that duration.
[Important] Please email admin (info@littlemunchkindaycare.ca) to inform when you will be going away on vacation ahead of time - we need to know this ahead of time as we plan different activities and themes as part of our learning program for each child.

Pick-up/Drop-off Policy

Late pick-up policy – there will be charge of $15.00 for every 15 minutes...children must be picked up with-in 30 minutes after closure. Late charges (cash only) can be paid directly to the staff who is closing.
All children should be at the centre no later than 9:30 am as it affects our daily schedule and activities. If you are arriving late, please inform the centre. If you require alternative arrangement, please contact the administrator.


Daycare charges are available on our website: fees. End of each fiscal year (in our case, end of March is our year end date) - fees may be incremented by up to maximum of 10% to adjust for increased costs (labor, equipment, etc.)

Immunization Records

Child’s immunization records (see immunization for childcare section below) must be included with this document (all children must be immunized and have the full immunization history to attend at the centre).

Daily Routine/ Monthly Activities/Snack Schedule

Daily routine and snack schedule will be posted at the centre. We have different themes planned for each month and a set of varying daily activities that build towards the theme of the month. We use an application called BrightWheels [ available for download from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store (iOS) ] on which pictures of varying activities done by your child will be sent and can be viewed on your mobile smartphone. You should receive an email to join BrightWheels about one week after your start date. If you do not receive an email, please ask the manager of the program to setup your profile on BrightWheels.


[Important] If you suspect your child may have allergies (food, plants, etc.), please have it confirmed by a medical professional before submitting the registration package. If confirmed, ensure that is listed in appropriate section of the registration form. Certain allergies can pose serious risks and may require immediate medical attention (epi-pen, inhaler, etc.). If your child has a diagnosed allergy that requires medical intervention (epi-pen, etc.), please complete section ‘Anaphylaxis/Care plan’ on the registration form. Please ensure that all staff are aware so that we can provide prompt medical attention should it be required. As a precaution, we ask parents not to package any food items that have nuts (or traces of nuts) of any kind.

Food Preparation

Staff will prepare meals (snacks, lunches) which will include warming/heating meals (using a microwave), serving and assisting in feeding should it be required. The centre will provide the forks, spoons, plates, etc.

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